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  Executive Elite Series
Revolabs Executive Elite™ 4- and 8-channel wireless microphone systems are the latest products in the Revolabs family of boardroom and conference room audio solutions. They are architected to support deployments requiring increased numbers of microphones, provide enhanced integration with room control systems, leverage a distributed architecture for straightforward, trouble-free installations, and facilitate remote management capabilities. Finally, the Executive Elite products feature the superior audio quality required for exceptional audio and video conferencing.
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  Executive Elite Microphones
Revolabs Executive Elite™ microphones merge best-in-class audio with eye-catching design, setting the gold standard for excellence in wireless conference room audio. These innovative wireless microphones feature advanced technologies and extended capabilities that ensure superior audio pickup and sound quality, improved signal-to-noise ratio, enhanced digital signal communication over wireless links, and a user-friendly interface.
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  Executive HD and Executive HD Max Secure Series
The Executive HD™ or Executive HD™ MaxSecure 4 and 8 Channel wireless microphone systems are the perfect solution for executive boardrooms and large conference rooms. Both systems are designed for environments requiring a large number of wireless microphones
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  Executive HD Venue Series
The Venue™ Dual Channel, rack-mounted wireless microphone system is the perfect audio solution for video conferencing or voice reinforcement applications. Its rack-mounted design allows you to integrate the Venue easily into video conferencing products, or audio equipment.
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  Executive HD Single and Dual Series
The HD™ Single/Dual Channel wireless microphone system is the perfect audio solution for video conferencing or voice reinforcement applications. Its small size allows for an easy and unintrusive integration for audio solutions that require a limited number of wireless microphones. The Single/Dual Channel supports up to two HD audio wireless microphones.
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  Fusion Series
Revolabs Fusion™ is the complete wireless audio solution for mid- to- large -size conference rooms where installed audio equipment is not available. Revolabs Fusion combines the wireless receiver for the microphones with a digital signal processor, audio mixer, and Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction Technology.
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  Solo Executive Series
The Revolabs Solo™ Executive 4 or 8 channel Wireless Microphone System is the ideal audio conferencing solution for large conference rooms and boardrooms. Solo allows up to eight wireless microphones for audio capture in these larger rooms. When combining two systems in North America up to 16 wireless microphones can be combined
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The xTag™ USB wireless microphone from Revolabs is based on the company's revolutionary wireless audio technology. Designed specifically for Windows®- or Apple®- based desktop and laptop users, the xTag USB provides superior audio quality customers are used to from Revolabs along with the freedom of a wireless solution.
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revoCARE provides a value-added extension and enhancement to the 90 days of complimentary service and support of Revolabs' limited warranty. revoCARE includes 24-hour advanced replacement on all parts, allowing customers to receive replacements before they've sent back the faulty product.
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Product Guide   Learning Space Solutions
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Brochure   Revolabs for Beautiful Conference Rooms
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Brochure   Revolabs for Flexible Rooms
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Brochure   Revolabs for Video Carts
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Brochure   Revolabs for Houses of Worship
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Catalog   Pocket Guide (2014)
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Catalog   Usability Matrix
Compare and contrast the various series offered by Revolabs to find the one that best fits your application
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Article   The Technology Manager's Guide to HUDDLE ROOMS (AV Technology - October 2014)
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