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Special Application - Yamaha Sound
Model Description Pricing
Yamaha YVC-200 Portable USB Speakerphone (Black)
List: $189.00
Yamaha YVC-200 Portable USB Speakerphone (White)
List: $189.00
Yamaha YVC-330 USB Microphone & Speaker System
List: $349.00
YVC330 Daisy Chain Cable. Allows two YVC330s to be connected together for simultaneous use in larger rooms
List: $80.00
Model Name #YVC-1000
Yamaha Unified Communications Wired Microphone & Speaker System

• Multiple connection options via Bluetooth and USB
• Daisy chain up to 5 microphones and 2 external speakers (package comes with 1 speaker and 1 microphone)
• High Quality Audio Technology with Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) to minimize background noise during calls
List: $1,499.00
Yamaha YVC-1000 Omnidirectional Extension Microphone
List: $349.00
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