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Revolabs delivers innovative products to the enterprise collaboration space - state-of-the art wireless products for applications ranging from corporate boardrooms to classrooms.

Joining what is now a standard in wireless microphone conferencing systems along with the Executive HD for 32 channels is the new FLX- The Conference phone, Evolved. FLX brings a new age in conference phone communication. With superior audio quality, every member of the call can hear every word. Plus, the FLX phone is wireless and simple to set up-making it the perfect choice for any mid- to small-sized conference room. And instead of being hunched around a single device in a prehistoric stance, the FLX phone's movable speakers and microphones can be placed anywhere in a room, finally allowing the freedom of callers to be anywhere in the room.

All Revolabs products are:
• Flexible
• Easy-to-use
• Secure
• Cost-effective
• Wireless
• Rechargeable

Starin is proud to be Revolabs original launch partner/distributor for this product line to the professional AV channel since 2005.

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