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Question: Revolab's FAQ [Show Answer]
Question: We purchased a wireless system recently. The problem is that the mics go dead immediately after being taken off the charger. They can be charged overnight & still will not hold a charge. The mics will go through the color cycles (green, yellow and red) and continue to do this until you put them back on the charger and the light stays red. What is wrong? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the line output voltage? [Show Answer]
Question: Through an AMX or Crestron control system, if there is a user that forgot to unmute or mute their microphone, how do we toggle their button from the AMX? Do we run a separate RS-232 line to the Solo receiver, or do we create a 25-pin jumper cable from the XAP to the Solo receiver and use the XAP to toggle the mute button? [Show Answer]
Question: What are the specifications on the earpiece? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the pin-out of the mini-phoenix connectors on the Executive Solo Base? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the line of sight range of the Solo System? [Show Answer]
Question: I'm trying to pair up my mics with a Solo Executive 8 channel system but I cannot pair some of the microphones. How do I fix this? [Show Answer]
Question: Can I use a single and dual channel together in the same system or do I need to move up to a 4 channel HD? [Show Answer]
Question: What cables will be shipping with the single and dual HD? [Show Answer]
Question: For integration with a VC system, will I get better performance from the single HD rather than the Desktop system? [Show Answer]
Question: Can I use multiple Solo Desktops together in the same room? [Show Answer]
Question: When I toggle the mic/line dip switch on the HD Single or Dual unit, the output does not change. Why? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the pin-out for the HD Single or Dual's balanced miniplug output? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the range of the Fusion's optional RF Dialer? [Show Answer]
Question: How many FLX units can be place in near proximity to each other? [Show Answer]
Question: Can I use Revolabs Fusion for local sound reinforcement? [Show Answer]
Question: Can I use a mix of v2 and v3 microphones in the same system? [Show Answer]
Question: We have 2 Elite systems that we are installing, each with its own antenna. How do we link them together to maximize the range? [Show Answer]
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