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*Images may show accessories or configurations not packaged with this SKU 01-HDEXEC-NM-AES
Executive HD MaxSecure 8-Channel System without mics (AES 256 encryption)

• System expandable up to a total of 32 mics
• Mics not included

1 x 8 Channel Rack Base
1 x Power Adapter
1 x 8-Channel Charger
1 x System Manual
Required Accessories:
01-HDCOMAN-AES HD Que Audio Headworn or Lavalier MaxSecure Microphone Adapter (AES 256 encryption)
01-HDEXEMIC-AES HD Wearable / Lapel Style MaxSecure Microphone (AES 256 encryption)
01-HDTBLMIC-DR-AES HD Uni-directional Tabletop MaxSecure Microphone (AES 256 encryption)
01-HDTBLMIC-OM-AES HD Omni-directional Tabletop MaxSecure Microphone (AES 256 encryption)
01-HDXLRMIC-AES HD XLR MaxSecure Microphone Adapter (AES 256 encryption)
Optional Accessories:
01-HDQUEH-AES Revolabs / Que Audio Headworn Microphone AES Bundle
01-HDQUEL-AES Revolabs / Que Audio Lavalier Microphone AES Bundle
Parts Optional Accessories:
Item Pricing:
List $5,723.30
Shipping Weight 7.00 lbs
Master Carton: 1
Shipping Dimensions 21.3"W x 12.3"H x 4.0"D
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