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Service and Support - Microphone Upgrades
Revolabs V3 (Field Replaceable Battery) Microphones
As of June 13, 2012, all Revolabs microphones will be shipped as V3 microphones, with field replaceable batteries.
Clients may choose to upgrade to the V3 mics from previous mic versions. Charging stations do not need to be upgraded but with HD systems you need to upgrade to the latest version of HD firmware (at least v 2.6.11 or higher).
NOTE: Microphones whose serial number starts with a 7010 or 8010 are already field replaceable versions. All microphones whose serial numbers start with 5010 or 6010 are not field replaceable and should not be opened by the customer under any circumstances. These models can be upgraded to allow for future field replacements
S/N for existing microphone required when placing order
Model Description Pricing
Upgrade to xTag USB Wearable Microphone Only W/ Field Replaceable Battery
List: $100.00
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